Last name          Soteldo Martínez
First name          Yeferson Julio
Date of birth       30/06/1997
Country of birth    Venezuela
Passport Country   Venezuela

Yeferson Soteldo, right or left wing for Zamora, born in 1997, already with playing time on the Venezuelan national team in the match against Colombia that qualified them for the World Cup in Russia.

Nimble in short sprints, but with good stamina, excellent ball handling skills even in the spaces, maintaining remarkable control of the ball.

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Wyscout Platform РYEFERSON SOTELDO Player Overview

In any case, his most evident characteristic is his dribbling skill, both to take it deep and make a calibrated cross (if he starts from the right, challenging the opponent, the initial dribbling in the corridor is just a formality for him, see Keita from Lazio) for a header from one of his teammates, as well as to come back in and shoot with his left foot. Because it is clear that he is a prospect who is also capable of scoring many goals (proportional to the position of an attacker, yes, but an external forward), as demonstrated by the 23 goals (20 in league play and 3 in the South American Cup) already scored by this nineteen year old talent.

It is actually quite surprising how he manages to maintain the balance required to shoot with both feet even from a central position (see the left-footed goal against the Wanderers in the regular season on 26 August, 2016), so much that you cannot tell which foot he is setting up for the shot.

He also has decent overall vision and his first appearances on the youth line-ups were as a¬†midfielder with the ability, after beating the opposing player, to see important corridors¬†where he could pass to an open teammate. He is about 160 cm tall and weighs 55 kg, statistics¬†that could lead one to justifiably think he is perhaps too ‚Äúlight‚ÄĚ for athletically competitive¬†leagues like the European ones, but getting back to stamina over long distances, he¬†demonstrated muscular strength that is not to be underestimated in any case.

He has played in 76 matches in Primera Division, 5 in Libertadores and as many in the South American Cup. In some situations (the Caracas goal in May of 2016, a brace for him), he has also shown good intuition in getting open, as well as great personality taking a penalty kick in the 81st minute with the team down by a goal (against Barcelona on 11 August, 2016), scoring with a cool head. To be carefully assessed.

Claudio Onofri