After almost a whole year of travel restrictions and remote working, virtual meetings have become a regular part of the scouting and transfer process.

Thatā€™s why, back in November, we launched our first-ever virtual edition of Wyscout Forum, allowĀ­ing parĀ­ticĀ­iĀ­paĀ­tion from the comĀ­fort of homes, trainĀ­ing grounds and offices worldĀ­wide.

Over 280 parĀ­ticĀ­iĀ­pants from 39 counĀ­tries were able to build netĀ­works, schedĀ­ulĀ­e meetĀ­ings, and startĀ­ negoĀ­tiĀ­aĀ­tions – all takĀ­ing place online.

And thatā€™s why, on January 20, we doubled our commitment to provide high-valĀ­ue netĀ­workĀ­ing opporĀ­tuĀ­niĀ­ties to clubs, interĀ­meĀ­diĀ­aries and agenĀ­cies worldĀ­wide by hosting our first-ever Wyscout MeetUp – a one-day virtual networking event for key decision-makers to come together in the final weeks of the January transfer window.

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Wyscout MeetUp 2021 In Numbers.

Wyscout MeetUp has been a way for key decision-makers in the football industry to meet for 12 hours at a critical time in the January transfer window, when clubs need to take smart, valuable decisions with a very tight schedule.

Wyscout MeetUp provided club representatives, agents and intermediaries to meet and discuss transfers in a virtual environment, making transfer negotiations more efficient and effective.

On January 20, in just a twelve-hour time span, 183 attendees from 33 countries around the world held an impressive 680+ meetings to kick-off, continue or close transfer negotiations for their clubs or clients.

Wyscout MeetUp definitely proved to be a successful experiment, as the necessity for football professionals to meet in a virtual and organized environment is becoming inevitable rather than optional. Hereā€™s what happened, in numbers:

  • 183 active parĀ­ticĀ­iĀ­pants
  • 89 indiĀ­vidĀ­ual clubs from around the world
  • 33 counĀ­tries from Argentina to Japan
  • 680+ meetĀ­ings schedĀ­uled over 12 hours
  • 28 Meetings each organĀ­ised by proĀ­fesĀ­sionĀ­al clubs Brentford FC & FC Midtjylland
  • 780+ mesĀ­sages were sent on the online platĀ­form between participants

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