With the largest database of global football video and data now connected to Hudl’s end-to-end analysis platform, it’s easier than ever to find talent, share content and collaborate. 


Following yesterday’s announcement that Wyscout would be joining Hudl, the industry-leading performance analysis platform, I wanted to talk some more about our values and how they align with Hudl, the similarities between recruitment and match analysis and the benefits of this move to the industry.

The Beginning

Wyscout is based in Chiavari, Italy. We started from here with people from here. I think we’re a good example of how today you can build something great in a small place. When people realise we are from here they say ‘really, you are from this small town with such a global company.’ It’s true! Today technology allows that.

Wyscout started with me and some friends of mine filming a local amateurs game and analysing it for the coaches. Immediately we started working for professional clubs in Italy and Genoa was the first. We quickly realised that not only did games need to be analysed, but also players. So we started with player analysis. The sports directors and scouts were used to analysing players through DVDs that were made by the agents, so we decided to transform the scouting and recruitment industry, creating a big platform for players.

The first version of Wyscout was a collection of 90-minute videos because clubs and scouts needed to watch the full 90 minutes to evaluate the player. The second step was to add player-by-player analysis – cutting events by events. 


Recruitment & Analysis

The third phase is now, and it’s about data. Now the world of football performance is going towards a data-driven decision model.

Recruitment is changing a lot. When we started we just analysed the Italian teams, plus Brazil and Argentina.  Then we started working with the English teams and they asked for Scandinavia, then for German teams, they asked for the Czech Republic. Today everyone is buying players from everywhere so it’s a very global industry and a global market.

It’s crazy because we started with one player in the database and now we’ve got half a million. Players are scouted everywhere and clubs are asking to go down to the youth (level), they’re asking to scout the best U16 tournaments. Half a million players are now analysed and scouted, with more than 1000 professional clubs using the system in 100 countries.

Today, match analysis and recruitment analysis have a lot of similarities. There is a first level of analysis made by Wyscout where we analyse players and games at the same level for every game in every country, but that is not enough. Today clubs need to customise the analysis and to do that they are using Hudl Sportscode. For that the combination of the two platforms is perfect.


The Industry

The football industry is becoming a professionalised industry, not only in the club side but also in the agent side, in the referee side, in the player side, so analysis is not only something that is for the club. Today agents are scouting players through data, referees are analysing games, the players themselves are analysing opponents. We are providing a solution for everyone.

The combination of the two platforms and companies will generate a lot of positive impact on the industry. Firstly, uploading-downloading-uploading is the most common thing done by analysts, that will finish with a lot of hours saved.  The platforms will have more content and more data, providing the best way to analyse data, to understand, to predict. I think it’s also about security as clubs need security and privacy. They need a ‘super system’ and both companies can provide that. 

Today, there are a lot of interactions between clubs and the agents, between the youth team and the first team, between referees, and so on. Combining platforms will make everything easier not just for clubs, but for everyone in the industry.

To learn more about the marriage of Hudl and Wyscout, visit our dedicated website.

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Matteo Campodonico, Wyscout Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer