Earmarked at a young age to become a potential star, Vålerenga’s winger Aron Dönnum broke through in 2019 with 6 goals and 4 assists in 25 appearances. Prior to that, he had made some fleeting, albeit very promising appearances for VIF in both league and cup & whilst out on loan. He’s chipped in with some strong overall attacking stats but the most noticeable was his number of dribbles per 90 mins, which was an average of 9.21. This was the fourth highest out of anyone in the Eliteserien in 2019 and a success rate over 53.4% isn’t too shabby at all.

Scouting Time  aron-Dönnum-1-1030x322
Aron Dönnum key Eliteserien statistics 2019.

Dönnum is especially good at dribbling and beating players in tight spaces. He has a reasonable pace but will often use flair and skill to gain success against defenders. He’s two-footed but has an especially strong left peg and prefers to operate more as an inverted winger on the right-hand side. Quite where his best position remains up for debate though. Some would say he’s a natural in nearly all attacking areas. Left-wing is certainly a strong option or even as a #10 sort of playmaker can be highly effective.

The VIF starlet has a good round set of attributes. Perhaps the mental side of his game from a technical point of view stands out though. He has that ‘flair’ aspect which gives him a kind of x-factor. On his day Dönnum can be unplayable in this league. Can he do it on a cold night up in Tromsø though? We’re not saying he is a soft player by any means. It’s just a lack of consistency which is possibly a problem. There’s an element of ‘going missing’ in occasional matches, but in time this will probably change. We must remember Dönnum is still young and has loads of time on his side.

Now with a new manager Dag-Eilev Fagermo, who likes to employ his type of player in a certain system, 2020 could be the year he kicks on to an even higher level. Below is a typical example of how Dönnum has success in tight situations.

Scouting Time  aron-Dönnum-2
He appears to have two options. Play the ball back or attempt a cross into the box, maybe win a corner.
Scouting Time  aron-Dönnum-3
Using his flair and skill, Dönnum finds a way out of a seemingly tight space to work the ball into a much more dangerous position to cross.


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