Wyscout is the world leading football scouting company with thousands of player profiles, hundreds of matches analyzed every weekend and a multitude of tools dedicated to the game’s professionals. These tools will be now available on mobile phones and tablets thanks to the new-look Wyscout App, which has been completely redesigned from the bottom up. The 2000+ games added every weekend, the 550,000 player pages and the 200+ competitions included on Wyscout will now be available via mobile and tablet, offering you the chance to access videos and analyze games and opponents anytime, anywhere, sharing content with a simple tap.

The new version of the Wyscout App (7.0) has been entirely redesigned to make it more user-friendly, offering more tools with a simpler and more interactive interface than the previous version. Browsing the various sections of the app is now smoother and more intuitive, allowing you to easily switch between the thousands of videos and data available on the Wyscout platform.

The improvements are structural as well as aesthetic with the introduction of a “card” layout that will facilitate the implementation of new features in the future and the constant updating of the Wyscout App. Below is a summary of the many improvements introduced by the new Wyscout App update.

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New Search Tool

The search feature has been radically redesigned to make the search bar easier to use and more effective. The results will now be shown according to category, highlighting players, clubs and competitions at a glance. The “Recent” section has also been added so users can quickly bring up pages they have visited in the past.

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Improved “Explore” section:

The core of the Wyscout App has been modified only superficially with the user experience now smoother and more intuitive. Most recently viewed countries are now shown on top, speeding up the search process for the user with access to a limited number of countries. Just below, the “International Competitions” section guarantees a direct link to the most important competitions in the world. Finally, another important addition: alphabetical scrolling. In fact, thanks to the new sidebar, users will be able to quickly switch between various countries, from A to Z, making it easier to view country profiles.

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New “Team” page

The club and national team pages have also been redesigned and now reflect the brand of the team thanks to the background colour, also offering more focused, engaging and immersive content. The new interface also includes the three sections – Info, Squad, and Videos – which are now easier to navigate and more intuitive.
 The new Team pages also feature more relevant information at a ‘tap’: tables, upcoming and recent fixtures, ongoing competitions, and goal scorers, as well as all the clips – including full matches – available for the team.

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New “Player” page

The player profiles have also been revisited and have a design similar to the team pages with the same fluidity and an improved interface. The new player page shows all the national and international competitions that the player is currently involved in, as well as upcoming fixtures, videos, recent results and a career overview.

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Video Player

One of the most important upgrades is the significant redesign of the Video Player, which now includes a series of new features that make it more interactive and user-friendly. In addition to the numerous improvements to the video list, by selecting landscape mode the new Wyscout App Video Player now allows you to draw directly on the screen with multiple colours and brushes in order to highlight specific details and movements. When activating the Draw tool the video is paused and, when the drawings are finished, it is possible to save a screenshot on the device before continuing to show the clip.

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Improved Feed

The feed’s algorithm has been upgraded, allowing it to show more relevant content for the user based on the way they use the App. The interface is lighter, with new icons and a fresh new feel.

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The new version of the Wyscout App also features several other improvements like the new page dedicated to Player Agencies, the improved messaging tool, the new “My Playlist” section, “favourite” competitions, and the possibility of following players, teams, and competitions.

In a football world that moves increasingly quickly, the Wyscout App is the ideal tool for all professionals of the Beautiful Game that want data, videos and stats on thousands of players at their fingertips. Thanks to its entirely redesigned interface, the Wyscout App allows the easy browsing of players, teams and competitions in more than 100 countries across the world.

The App for football professionals, at its best.


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