Espanyol ended their first season in ideal fashion by defeating an already relegated Granada 2-1 away from home.
More importantly, however, the win also propelled them into 8th place in La Liga on 56 points, which remarkably sees them finish with 13 points more than they managed last term.

A crucial element to their comfortable triumph was the intelligent movement of central midfield lynchpin, Victor Sanchez, during his side’s build-up play.

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Whenever the Catalans looked to pass out from the back, Victor Sanchez’s clever variations in his movement successfully saw him position himself astutely to help his side progress upfield.
In addition, by mixing things up where he’d position himself, this meant he was persistently altering the conditions for Granada to deal with, which never allowed them to settle into a pattern to nullify him.

Victor Sanchez’s targeting of the right and left half spaces worked nicely, for it enabled him to receive away from the more congested middle, where Granada’s first line of defence was focused on, while giving him a fine view of the field to use his excellent passing ability to orchestrate the play.

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In addition, the former Barcelona man would further mix it up by dropping in between his two centre backs and letting them spread wider.
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Either way, the key byproducts associated with his purposeful movement was the way it eventually provoked Granada into pressing actions, which successfully created space behind the presser for his teammates to exploit.

All in all, the 29-year-old’s capacity to manipulate Tony Adams’ outfit’s defensive structure through his smart positioning, that saw him find a brilliant platform to construct the Budgerigars’ attacking moves, served as a vital factor towards Espanyol finishing the season in style.


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