Despite England’s U21s being unable to overcome a defiant Swedish outfit, the performance of Tammy Abraham offered plenty of optimism for Aidy Boothroyd’s side looking ahead.

Especially impressive was his clever off the ball movement, however, as he used this effectively to persistently unsettle the Swedish backline.

Using the Wyscout Playlist and Draw App, we can see how intelligently he varied his movement to ensure his opponents couldn’t settle into a pattern off how best to nullify him.

To start off with, the athletic Chelsea owned centre forward would position himself on the shoulder of his marker, but with just enough separation to start his runs in behind and not be impeded by his man. This allowed him to use his blistering pace to be a terrific option for his teammates to utilise, while also stretching the Swedish backline to create space in between the lines.

Moreover, the fact England’s four most advanced attackers would regularly occupy all four members of the Swedish back four meant he could embark on his runs 1v1 without worrying about another defender getting across to cover.

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By often instigating his runs on the blindside of his tracker, Abraham smartly gained himself a dynamic advantage too.
Furthermore, to cause additional confusion as to who should mark him, he’d intelligently angle his runs in between either the two central defenders or a centre back and a full back.

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Other avenues he exploited came when one of the Sweden fullbacks would step out to mark their winger and he’d start off on a run into the newly vacated channel space, plus through dropping deep to hold up play and by performing subtle opposite movements with Nathan Redmond.
The latter was achieved when Redmond would push upfield and Abraham dropped deep at the same time, with the aim yet again to disorient the opposition marking scheme.

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Following such a promising performance from the talented striker, who’s coming off an exceptional season on loan in the Championship with Bristol City that saw him notch a sensational 26 goals, expect the 19-year-old to continue to play an integral role in England’s journey in the U21 Euros.