Pjanic and Benatia's Juventus: New roles, tactics and strategy vs Tottenham

Juventus is one of the big players in the European transfer market. While waiting to see the last great coup, Higuain, along with Dani Alves and Pjaca, for the first time, Allegri had the chance...

Alvaro Morata technical strengths and weaknesses

The first question the Juventus football transfer market must answer is the fate of Alvaro Morata, in the hands of Real Madrid because of the “buy back” option included two years ago in the player's transfer contract by the bianconeri.

Analysis: The greatness of Paul Pogba play

Spacing, interception and game-reading ability in Juventus –Torino derby

Jürgen Locadia Post

Stealing the opponent team identity could be the best move to send them into confusion. According to the PSV coach Cocu, the game strategy had to be focused on the game control: never allowing space to the opponent team and attacking using vertical offence. Troubles for Atlético Madrid appeared at minute 57 of the match.