What made the difference in Roma vs Napoli match

Are the most entertaining matches the ones between the big teams that end 5-0 or maybe 4-3 or perhaps the ones that end 0-0 or with a win that was just barely pulled off?

Conte’s 3-4-3: How it works

Without a doubt Conte's recently signed contract with Chelsea runs the risk of creating some problems in the press for him because of the English media's attention to the current National team coach's past controversy with sports commissions and the law. However, from a tactical point of view there is no denying that his technical prowess is nothing short of exemplary.

Match analysis: Paris SG vs Manchester City

PSG and Man City are two teams that want to be European champions due to all of the investment they have made in recent years. Players with tremendous potential and different playing philosophies. Both committed errors but they were capable of being resilient.