Wyscout meets Stephen Constantine, the most travelled coach in the world

We've talked to Stephen Constantine, India National Team Head…
december fixture scheduling

December massive fixture scheduling: pros and cons

The relentless fixture schedule across English football this…
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Most used formations in Europe's top 5 Leagues

The seasons leading up to the World Cup are often the most interesting…

Unique new experience on training and match analysis with Wyscout - Spiideo partnership

Wyscout, the leading professional digital platform for football clubs, together with Spiideo, provider of state of the art sports video recording and analysis solutions, today announced the signing of a global partnership agreement

Serie A Match Day Report: Montella’s Milan performance vs Genoa

The Wyscout report on the 29th day of Serie A takes Milan to the top of the rankings for performance. The 1-0 win against Genoa can be seen as an emblem of the tactical project set up by Vincenzo Montella because of the principles of play and the improvement margins that separate the "Diavolo" from the top spots in the rankings..

Sergio Ramos: the defender-goleador

Since the second San Paolo goal was considered an own goal by Dries Mertens, it cannot be said that Sergio Ramos has become the defender able to score the most goals with the Real Madrid jersey. With 67 goals from 2005..
Real Madrid Eibar Benzema

Karim Benzema key movements during Real Madrid counter-attack

Very few teams in the world are as dangerous as Real Madrid in counter-attack. The technical and athletic dominance of Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale obviously plays a key role, but Real's counter-attack would not be as effective without Karim Benzema..
Roma Header

Radja Nainggolan: The new key factor in Roma's play

Antonio Conte wanted him at Chelsea, but Radja Nainggolan stayed with Roma to establish himself as one of the most interesting midfielders on the international scene. And not only. In the new 3-4-2-1 formation enacted by Luciano Spalletti, he is managing to emerge as a true..
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Impact of the three-man defence on European elite teams

For years, use of a three-man defence has been limited to just a few isolated cases and primarily connected to opposing views. Strictly defensive football like that..
senegal wyscout header

Senegal’s Mané and Keita special offensive transition

In a competition like the African Cup of Nations (CAF), where the balance is traditionally shifted by the expectation of technical or athletic ..
header wyscout atalanta

Inter’s Roberto Gagliardini: dynamisms and tactical eclecticism

On Wednesday evening, Inter finalized an important reinforcement for its midfield with the acquisition of Roberto Gagliardini from Atalanta. The 'nerazzurri' invested two million Euro for the six-month loan of the player, adding another 20 for the buyback obligation..

The Wyscout Apps

It is something more than an intuitive software and than a simple to use tool available to technical staff. The Wyscout platform is a loyal co-worker...

Diego Costa Statistics: tactical eclecticism and shot accuracy

One of the secrets of Antonio Conte's Chelsea that took the lead in Premier League with a series of incredible, conclusive wins, is the polish that Diego Costa rediscovered ...

Everton vs Swansea 1-1: analysis of Ronald Koeman’s team

It all looked so rosy at Goodison Park back in mid-September.

Bournemouth vs Sunderland: An Unexpected Win

It finally happened. After eleven games and what felt like an eternity of pain and frustration, Sunderland won a game of football.

A data analysis of Ibrahimovic play at Manchester United

In the troubles that seem to have afflicted Manchester United in Premier League, Zlatan Ibrahimovic's slump is worrying

Are Leicester Turning The Corner?

Leicester City picked up their first away point of the season last weekend and they did it by…

Amine Harit young, gifted and french

At nineteen years of age, Amine Harit's playing style does not hinge on dribbling, although he has excellent leg work and top shelf technique at high speed. His coach at Nantes, René Girard, does not consider him a young player to adapt little by little, but rather a footballer capable of covering all the positions in the midfield, reliable enough to be..

How Benitez is fixing Newcastle

Football is a chaotic game that, in spite of efforts from the richest clubs and certain cowed governing bodies to ensure otherwise ...

The 4 Key Technical aspects of France strategy heading to the 2018 World Cup

Three months have passed since their defeat in the Euro2016 finals and France has hit the ground running toward the World Cup.

Conte’s Chelsea tactics: 3-4-3 new formation and team defence

After an excellent start, Antonio Conte's new Chelsea approached the second Premier League stop with 13 points in...

Swansea's Pressing vs Man City Nearly Paid Off

Poor Francesco Guidolin. The Italian manager saved Swansea from relegation last season (with a bit of help from Alan Curtish while he was fighting off serious illness) but he's in a lot of trouble now.

Everton: What has changed under Koeman?

By the end of his tenure, Everton were playing such miserable football that sacking Roberto Martinez became the merciful, as well as the necessary, thing to do.

How Higuain skills integrate into Juventus: the goal vs Sassuolo

Gonzalo Higuain is integrating into Massimiliano Allegri's system and Juventus is learning to take advantage of his intuition and his magnificent goal scoring skills.

How is Mike Phelan saving Hull City: tactics and key players

Hull City started the season with 12 fully fit senior players, a caretaker manager, absolutely no votes of confidence from the media, and yet with two wins...

Domenico Berardi, technique of a great forward

When the leagues resume, Domenico Berardi will not be on the pitch due to injury. Before the break, however, he managed to get to...

What should Arsenal expect from new-look Southampton

After what was, for the most part, yet another anxious transfer window, Arsenal's supporters now find themselves in a curious position.

Juventus new tactical setup and key players after the transfer window

Juventus was one of the most active clubs during the summer transfer market...

Ivan Jurić’s Genoa after Gasperini: new attacking tactics and formation

The beginning of a new cycle for Genoa involves some softer and expected changes...

Ancelotti’s Bayern uses PEP Guardiola strategy vs Bremen: “Salida de balón”

Carlo Ancelotti appeared at the presentation press conference before the reporters and his new fans, stating: "I will not drastically...

Spurs look ahead to Liverpool match with new signing Janssen and Wanyama

By the standards of this particularly excitable transfer window, Tottenham’s summer captures have been markedly low key. Maurico Pochettino...

Backline build-up: Guardiola, Emery, Sampaoli and De Boer’s teams

Guardiola, Emery and Sampaoli choose to seek superiority building up with the two centre defenders and a midfielder who drops back between the two to act as playmaker.

Manchester City new striker Gabriel Jesus

You can certainly see why Original Ronaldo (Originaldo, if you will) sees so much of himself in Manchester City’s new signing Gabriel Jesus.

Awareness: How to defend on the opposite half

In order to describe how marking can best work as a fundamental defensive tactic, we used Hummels, a centre back who came up under the leadership of three great coaches...

Video analysis: Set pieces as determining factors to create scoring opportunities

The rate of set pieces in an important football event like Euro 2016 has always been a subject of interest...

Features for goalkeeper coaches in the new Wyscout 5

It is something more than an intuitive software and than a simple to use tool available to technical staff. The Wyscout platform is a loyal co-worker...

Gabriel Jesus: Flexibility, technique and great finishing on goal

Born on 3 April 1997, Gabriel Jesus already has astonishing numbers. 54 goals in 48 matches in 2013 and 37 in 22 in 2014 at a youth level (Paulista Under 17 league). In 2015, the first season he played at Palmeiras, he scored 7 goals in 37 matches. And, above all, 15 goals in 18 games for the current season..

New Italy coach Giampiero Ventura: strategy and formation of the team

Although they particularly stress a clean ball coming from the defence, Conte and Ventura's teams do not play...

Reviewing a game: Was England vs Iceland as bad as people said?

Three weeks have passed now since Iceland beat England in Nice. But was it really as bad a performance as...

The play that decided Euro 2016 final

Éder goal seems to be the result of individual achievement, but in all reality, it actively involves a fair number of players on both teams.

Euro 2016 final: Where it went wrong for France?

The final of the European Championships was, it is fair to say, no classic. But it could have been even worse. It should have been even worse.

Wales tactical analysis: Highs and lows of the team

It cannot be said that Wales does not have a certain taste for history. In 1958, the last time they participated in a large international competition until Euro 2016, a goal by Pelè...

4 ways to get the most out of your Wyscout platform

Tools like Wyscout can make it easier to at least keep abreast of the important things. And here are four ways it helps me.

Evolution of Chile's pressing from Marcelo Bielsa to Juan Antonio Pizzi

For the second year in a row, Chile has won Copa América in the final against Argentina. The first two titles in Chile's history have roots...

Twin strikers: Combined movements in the central area and defensive mistakes

The choice made by Italy and France, respectively against Spain and Iceland, was to focus on offensive development in the central area in order to...

Germany offensive strategy: Line-up and pressing

Germany had qualified for Euro 2016 as the first team in Group D, but only the Czech Republic – of the winning formations in a group – had conceded more goals (14 compared with 9).

Three types of goalkeeper's offensive transition

The offensive transition phase with a counter attack that starts with the goalkeeper is much more articulated and requires organisation...

Conte's great tactical performance behind Italy's win over Spain

It seems strange now to recall Antonio Conte's gloomy forecasts for his nation this summer. Far from a lone voice, the Italy boss....

Russia's exit from Euro 2016: Analysis of game plan and goals in the group stage matches

They were placed in the complicated "B" group with teams like England, Wales and Slovakia. But there is no doubt that Russia's performance at Euro 2016 was disappointing.

Positional play and build up: Diaz role in Chile's team

Looking at the images from the Mexico-Chile match, it is clear how the key to interpretation for Chile revolves around Diaz. We can identify two build-up models that combine continuously: positional play and building up.

Spain team analysis: Tactics, formation and weaknesses vs Czech Republic

Spain’s start at European championship was brilliant (13 matches undefeated), but the 1-0 against Czech Republic confirmed a few difficulties in the scoring phase for La Roja.

Match analysis: Belgium vs Italy

So much for the theory that Italy were heading for yet another early tournament exit. Having been knocked out in the group stages of the last two World Cups, the chances are that this will be an altogether more pleasant summer for Italy. Manager Antonio Conte takes tactical preparation very seriously.

Defence in situations of (apparent) inferiority: 

2 v 1+ GK

The complex approach to the game of football forces us to face a series of questions and priorities. Collective tactic and Individual tactic or Individual tactic and Collective tactic? 
Which order? Which priority? 
When the order of the items is changed, the result - in this case - changes, and not by a little. 

Belgium weak points without Kompany and Lombaerts

Belgium is one of the most awaited teams at Euro 2016. And yet, a problem that cannot be ignored came up for coach Wilmots just a few months from the French tournament: the injuries of Kompany and Lombaerts, the starting centre players. Wilmots' idea was to come to Euro 2016 with a four-man defence with Vertonghen and Alderweireld as backs, as has been the case in recent years.

Germany’s strategy without Philipp Lahm

For the first time since the 2002 World Cup, Germany will play in an international tournament without Philipp Lahm. The German national team lost not only its captain, but also a tactically fundamental player who left no heirs. After all, can a back be replaced who, according to Pep Guardiola, has the same football intelligence as Iniesta?

Analysis of euro 2016 teams: Ukraine

When you’re this close to the start of a major international tournament, most avenues have already been explored. We know the favourites: France; Spain and Germany. We know the nations that have it within them to win, but probably won’t: Belgium; Italy and England. We know the dark horses: Austria; Croatia and Poland. We even know the minnows: Albania; Hungary and Northern Ireland. But what about the middle ground? What about the teams with just a puncher’s chance of glory? What about Ukraine?

England’s 3 moves to defend from a corner kick

Great international events have always been a time of growth and innovation. At the threshold of this Euro 2016 competition, it would have been difficult to hypothesise any significant changes because, without even realising it, we have gone through a change of an era over the last two years, coinciding with the last World Cup. Germany was the country able to absorb the Spanish influence and transform it into a football style with vertical possession, sprinting and aggressiveness.

Analysis of Euro 2016 teams: Italy

Claudio Marchisio's injury and the decision not to call up Andrea Pirlo triggered a bit of debate on Antonio Conte's choices in view of Euro 2016. Also considering the fact that Marco Verratti is out, Italy has without a doubt lost three very high quality elements in the midfield.

Analysis of Euro 2016 teams: Slovakia

It has been assumed in some quarters that England have an easy first round group in France. Russia are old, so the argument goes, Wales are too reliant on Gareth Bale and Slovakia are…well…Slovakia.

Principles of a fluid and complete team

After meeting Foggia on the first day of Coppa Italia, I am seeing a more mature team, more aware of their own qualities. A team that I would define as fluid, able to mould endlessly with respect to the various play situations.

What would Italy strategy be if Giampiero Ventura takes over as coach after Conte?

At the end of the European Cup, Antonio Conte's adventure on the Italian national team's bench came to an end. As things stand, the name of his successor has not yet been announced. But there is no doubt, as journalistic indiscretions will confirm, that the most likely candidate is Giampiero Ventura.

5 types of throw-ins and defensive techniques

We have classified 5 types of throw-ins (long, to change game play area, to win the finishing area, to develop the strong side and fast solution) and we asked ourselves what the difficulties are in defending this solution.

Tactical analysis of Uefa Europa League final

Same formation (4-2-3-1), very different game strategy. The Europa League final between Liverpool and Seville was an exciting contest, not only between the players on the pitch, but also between Jurgen Klopp and Unai Emery.

Analysis of trident tactical formation and set up

In Italy, 4-3-3 is a formation historically associated with Zdenek Zeman, who believed that it was the best way to set up the pitch in order to continuously form triangles and generate multiple passing solutions. In recent seasons, a Zeman pupil has been emerging who, after years of work at Sassuolo, managed to forge his own way, finding a balance between the defensive and offensive phases: Eusebio di Francesco.

Analysis of Euro 2016 teams: Romania

Romania’s strengths are obvious to anyone who has taken a glance at their qualifying campaign. They finished their group unbeaten, having conceded only two goals in ten games. And when you watch them, it doesn’t take long to see why.

Analysis of Higuain play: Positional superiority and counter-movement

36 goals in Serie A. No one like him in the history of the Italian league. This is Gonzalo Higuaín’s incredible score in the premiership league. A player who, under Sarri's direction, found his second youth, showing the world how, as an excellent player, with hard work and the support of a great team, you can become a top player.

Why Sevilla is ready to re-write Europa League history

Sevilla are re-writing the history of European football by reaching the final of the Europa League. During their previous two matches the team, led by Unai Emery, was victorious. Let's have a closer look at the second semi-final of their Europa League game with Shakhtar Donetsk and see where Sevilla’s strength truly lies.

Suso’s movements in Genoa scheme

Jesús Fernández Suso, who joined Genoa on loan from Milan last January, is just the last name in the list of players relaunched by Gian Piero Gasperini (among the others, Marco Borriello, Thiago Motta and Diego Milito, or more recently M’Baye Niang, Diego Perotti and Leonardo Pavoletti). Suso played a big part in Genoa’s good results in the second part of the season, which saw the Rossoblu climbing the league table from the 17th to the 10th place.

Analysis of Euro 2016 teams: Albania

Of all the teams heading to France for the European Championships, Albania have surely the most fascinating back story. They’ve never qualified for a major tournament before. They’ve only ever qualified for two youth tournaments before.

How to prepare offensive strategy studying the opposing goalkeeper

In today's article we would like to offer a point of view that can help you plan out your week. Video analysis and studying the opposing team are no longer new ideas, but nevertheless, analysing the tactics chosen by the goalkeeper does not always lead to adequate measures.

Analysis of André Gomes: How could he fit into Juventus?

Juventus, fresh from winning its fifth consecutive championship shield, is making plans for next season.

Portland Timbers find their groove in a 2-1 success over Toronto FC

As title defences go, Portland Timbers effort had thus far fallen into the ‘Chelsea’ category. Victors over Columbus Crew on the opening day of the season (a replay of the 2015 final and with the same score too) gave a false read for the weeks ahead.

Space and movement as key-factors to improve performance

A Roma team fully in the running for second place that, under Spalletti's direction, has rediscovered energy and organisation, so much that they have brought home eleven consecutive wins.

Statistical analysis of Casemiro impact on Real Madrid performance

The demanding Santiago Bernabeu fans are often divided over his importance. But Casemiro's contribution to the cause of a Real Madrid that is astonishingly back in the race for the Liga and in the Champions League semi-finals can be anything but overlooked.

Jorginho’s role in Sarri’s tactical scheme

If a team bases its game play on precise mechanisms practised during training, and if the opposing teams come onto the pitch with the specific intent of blocking those mechanisms, a coach finds himself in a crucial dilemma: either find a solution or be forced to distort your game play.

Impressive LA Galaxy win over Real Salt Lake

For the uninitiated, there is much that separates Major League Soccer from other notable leagues around the world. There is the single entity business structure, the draft system, the designated star player policies. But most of all, in these opening weeks, there is the sense that no team is considerably better than any other. At least, that was the case until this weekend when LA Galaxy faced the undefeated Real Salt Lake and pulled their pants down in front of everyone.

Set pieces as determining factors: How the Champions League semi-finalists defend

In matches that are more and more played at the limit and battled out in episodes, set pieces could be determining factors in shifting balances. Match analysis has a dual value: on the one hand, understanding what current defensive organisation trends are and on the other, understanding where Real, Atletico, Bayern and Manchester City can try to build their offensive plays.

Statistical analysis of Atletico Madrid growth in the last 3 years

Two Champions League semi-finals in the last three years, consistent top spots in Liga and two eliminations inflicted on Barcelona, both in the quarter finals of the most important cup.

Analysis of Vieira’s New York City defeat

In the first six games of his managerial career, we have seen innovation and ambition from Patrick Vieira. But it’s been five games since we’ve seen a win.

How to attack a fully manned defence with two players

What are the two main factors in an effective attack?

The tactical secret behind Leicester city's success

It seemed like it was just a dream, an illusion. And yet, Leicester is still leading the Premier League at the decisive time of the season. Much has been said about the impact on the Foxes structure by Claudio Ranieri, a figure like Jamie Vardy, the talent of Ryad Mahrez and the unique physical qualities of N'golo Kanté. But is there a tactical secret to the success of the Foxes?

Analysis of Icardi’s play: An "old-school" footballer

The goal scored in Frosinone on Saturday marks Mauro Icardi's fiftieth in one hundred matches played wearing the Inter jersey (a perfect average of half a goal per match that really does not reflect his seasonal average, which is slightly higher: 0.58 goals per match).

LA Galaxy escapes with a point as De Jong escapes red card

Sometimes we can be a little hysterical about challenges in football. Bound up by tribal loyalties or an earnest sense of protection, we forget that football is intense, physical and occasionally dangerous. Accidents happen and they always look worse in a slow motion replay. But Nigel de Jong’s challenge on Darlington Nagbe was no accident.

Video analysis: The key to read the game - David Luiz action read through video analysis

A counter-attack begins, the play is fast, by the time anyone realises what has happened, the ball is at the back of the net. In living rooms all over the world, all eyes were on David Luiz's (apparently clumsy) movement. Coordination error? Technical error? Tactical error? With the help of Wyscout images and a more in depth Video Analysis, we can arrive at a different answer.

Analysis of FC Barcelona’s defence

Barcelona got back on the pitch after the break with a slightly less confident step and one might wonder if Luis Enrique's team isn't risking thwarting everything good they have built thus far.

How atlético Madrid could beat Barcelona

Barcelona vs. Atlético. Battle of the giant. Nobility against the working class. David against Goliath. Luis Enrique against Diego Pablo Simeone.

Analysis of New England revolution victory over New York Red Bulls 1-0

“It’s shameful for me,” said New York Red Bulls’ coach Jesse Marsch afterwards. “The game is supposed to have honour.” It’s a nice thought and in an ideal world, we would all conduct ourselves with grace and nobility. But as Bill Shankly once said, “If you don't know what to do with the ball, put it in the net and we'll discuss the options later.” And that’s exactly how New England Revolution won their first game of the season.

Analysis of Germany's tactics in recent games

Winning the World Cup and the European Cup two years apart is no easy task, but Germany's goal is still to prevail even within the borders of the continent.

Total football. A chameleon-like Italy undermines the spanish model

Total football, in the true sense of the word. It would be easy to say, knowing that Spain would be the team in the these final preliminary matches for Euro 2016, but the “total” surprise comes from Antonio Conte's Italy.

FC Dallas win over DC United

Still without a win this season, DC United manager Ben Olsen called for his players to be more clinical in front of goal before their meeting with a depleted FC Dallas. Unfortunately for him, most of his problems came at the other end of the pitch. DC were only missing defender Steve Birnbaum, but what a miss he proved to be. His team started brightly, pinning Dallas into their own half, albeit without really creating anything of note. But that hope was short-lived; quickly snuffed out by DC’s own hapless defenders.

What does it mean to change formation during the game?

Let's try to understand what advantages it provides by looking at the Italian examples of Juventus and Fiorentina.

Guardiola’s Bayern individual battles and combined manoeuvres to get free

Ten seconds that changed the course of a match, perhaps of an entire competition. The play that led to Bayern's draw against Juventus during the Champions League round of 16 embodies the entire essence of the game of football: individual battles, combined manoeuvres to get free, defensive/offensive transition, breadth, depth, density and concentration

Corner kicks: Lessons from top european champions

"Why not kicking direct from a corner kick ?" So many fans end up asking this question every time their team plays, proving how difficult is to understand coaches strategies on set-pieces.

Pepe Reina in Napoli’s vertical strategy

The game strategy of Sarri’s Napoli during the buildup stage sees the systematic involvement of the Goalkeeper. This type of game enhances the great technical skills of Pep Reina, promoted by a game strategy that uses his ability to play vertically as key element.

Roma from Garcia to Spalletti a strong character even in difficult situations

From Udine back to Udine, Roma celebrates once more, but a century seems to have passed, not the thirteen months marked by the calendar.