Studying stats has never been so easy with Wyscout.

Here you have 3 good reasons why you should discover the potential of the new Wyscout stats. They are accessible, intuitive and clear.

With this new setup, you can study each match or the entire season, just a match period or the matches where a footballer played in a certain position.

The statistics provided by Wyscout come from the tagging of all the videos on the platform.

In order to consult the statistics of an individual player, simply go to a footballer’s profile.

Platform Insights  Wyscout-stats-player-profile

We type in the name of one in the search bar at the top left. Lionel Messi.

Now we click on the Stats menu (in the red circle) and find out the 3 good reasons to use the new Wyscout stats.

1) Accessible: selecting the statistics

We can select the competition (La Liga, Champions League, others or all together) and the season (the current one or past seasons).

Platform Insights  Wyscout-stats-scouting

The available filters include the possibility of selecting the matches played in a specific position of the pitch and, in the filters menu, we can choose whether or not to take into consideration the matches played at home or away, depending on the result and lastly, the fraction of time of the match that we prefer.

On the right side of the bar, the platform lets us filter all these statistics even further, sorted by playing phases: defensive, building, offensive. The platform, in the end, offers us the chance to export the stats as an Excel file.

2) Intuitive: interpreting the statistics

Now we come to the statistics. The menu is intuitive: the first horizontal bar lists the average data of the analysed matches, from the minutes played to red cards, including passes attempted and made, but also the position on the pitch with the heat map that lets us see the most trafficked area of a certain player during a match.

3) Clear: read stats and watch videos

In addition to checking the statistics, this feature also lets you see the player’s same plays match by match: when you see the play symbol, that means that you can see the same plays analysed. The goals, for example, but also shots, passes and so on. For instance, let’s click on shots: a window will open, showing the videos of all the shots.

Now, enjoy a little tour of the new Wyscout players’ stats.

All the statistics, just a click away. What are you waiting for to try it out? Click here to discover all the Wyscout potential.

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