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Marchizza is obviously still a very unrefined player. His interception and delay times are still improvised, his imposing physical build is still not exploited to its full potential in aerial duels and his deep coverage seems to be an obstacle difficult to overcome. But his biggest limit probably lies in one of his strong points, which is his set up technique.

Currently, Riccardo Marchizza primarily uses his left foot in long vertical plays, very often (perhaps too often) to send a teammate directly toward the goal or to reach directly the final third with a long ball.

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The pressing by Salernitana is not even that confident, but Riccardo Marchizza decides to make a powerful long pass anyway toward Soleri. The Roma striker finds himself in a situation where he must control a very difficult ball, which he ends up losing. Created with Wyscout “Playlist and Draw” App

The problem is that, for now, he seems to use this tool in a more defensive than offensive way. In other words, he uses it substantially to keep from losing the ball on his own midfield and therefore to limit any possible errors to a minimum instead of moving his team forward with a clean and linear play.

The young Roma youth team centre does not seem to have much confidence in his ground handling skills to cut through the opposing team’s lines and sometimes he makes a long pass before even encountering pressure from the adversary. And this obviously impairs a clean and precise set up from the rear, which theoretically should be one of his strong points.

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Here, on the other hand, Riccardo Marchizza forces a through pass toward Bordin, despite the opposing team’s good coverage. Frosinone recovers the ball easily and can attack the goal.
Created with Wyscout “Playlist and Draw” App

In order to break into adult football trouble-free, Marchizza will therefore need to learn to be confident in his own left foot, beyond static situations such as free kicks and penalty kicks. The growth of a young footballer, before working on technique and tactics, begins with self-awareness and confidence in his own skills.


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