Ricardo Quaresma’s strong from this season was certainly a key element in Besiktas winning yet another Turkish Super Lig title.

Contribution a whopping 13 assists was a standout, but he was far more than just an assist king, however. The Portuguese international also scored two goals, was ranked ninth in the league for shots (with 2.6 pg), second for chances creates (on 2.6 pg), ranked just outside the top 20 for successful dribbles (on 1.5 pg) and delivered the highest number of crosses (with 3.1 pg).

Indeed, his multifaceted skillset, that sees him able to hurt his opponent in a variety ways, certainly ensured he was a hugely challenging proposition for any defence to handle.

And in what was Quaresma’s last league game of the season for the Black Eagles, a 4-1 win over Kasimpasa, he illustrated precisely why he’s such a threat.

Using the Wyscout Playlist and Draw App, we can see how Senol Gunes’ tactics, plus the 33-year-old’s individual ability, enabled him to have a profound impact on the contest.

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To start with, the way Gunes regularly instructed his team to overload the left and central areas gave them a brilliant platform to draw the opposition towards this area of the pitch, before then playing 40-50 yard switches to Quaresma, worked wonders.
This then allowed the right winger to be placed into advantageous 1v1 scenarios, where his trickery on the dribble, rapid acceleration, agility and strength all combined to make him a very unpredictable match-up.

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With the Euro 2016 winner being so adept with the ball at his feet, this forced his marker to step off and defend him more cautiously, not wanting to over commit and get dribbled past.
Although this sounded logical in theory, this only succeeded in giving Quaresma plenty of time to use his impressive crossing ability to effectively hit up towering forward Vincent Aboubakar (as shown in the image below).

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Another crucial aspect of his performance came via his capacity to execute wonderfully timed runs into the box.
He was particularly successful when the ball was on the opposite flank, meaning he could start his runs on the blindside of his tracker.
Indeed, this meant he was facing the ball and therefore had a dynamic advantage over his stationary opponent, and he could then use his superb leap and overall physicality to win headers.

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Having now helped Besiktas claim two Super Lig titles in his two seasons at the club, it’ll be interesting to see if the tremendously talented winger will stay around for another year to make it three in a row.