Inter’s Roberto Gagliardini: dynamisms and tactical eclecticism


Bundesliga's shoot and goal accuracy in numbers


Mourinho's tactical flexibility as key factor for Man United race


Diego Costa Statistics: tactical eclecticism and shot accuracy


Viktor Tsygankov: a young talent


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Ivan Jurić’s Genoa after Gasperini: new attacking tactics and formation

The beginning of a new cycle for Genoa involves some softer and expected changes...
ancelotti's bayern

Ancelotti’s Bayern uses PEP Guardiola strategy vs Bremen: “Salida de balón”

Carlo Ancelotti appeared at the presentation press conference before the reporters and his new fans, stating: "I will not drastically...
pep guardiola tactics

Fullbacks’ role in Pep Guardiola Tactical System

At FC Barcelona Pep Guardiola started to revolutionise the way of envisaging football, through the positional play that is characteristic of him. He drew inspiration from his coaches and he evolved...

Spurs look ahead to Liverpool match with new signing Janssen and Wanyama

By the standards of this particularly excitable transfer window, Tottenham’s summer captures have been markedly low key. Maurico Pochettino...

Backline build-up: Guardiola, Emery, Sampaoli and De Boer’s teams

Guardiola, Emery and Sampaoli choose to seek superiority building up with the two centre defenders and a midfielder who drops back between the two to act as playmaker.
gabriel jesus manchester city

Manchester City new striker Gabriel Jesus

You can certainly see why Original Ronaldo (Originaldo, if you will) sees so much of himself in Manchester City’s new signing Gabriel Jesus.
premier league

Reinventing teams' tactics: 3 top managers in the EPL

All the high-performing football teams in the world reinvent their self when new players join them. Clubs necessarily experience transformations so that this results in a sustained performance - if possible with quality play.
difesa preventiva

Awareness: How to defend on the opposite half

In order to describe how marking can best work as a fundamental defensive tactic, we used Hummels, a centre back who came up under the leadership of three great coaches...
video analisi wy

Video analysis: Set pieces as determining factors to create scoring opportunities

The rate of set pieces in an important football event like Euro 2016 has always been a subject of interest...
apporto pjanic-benatia

Pjanic and Benatia's Juventus: New roles, tactics and strategy vs Tottenham

Juventus is one of the big players in the European transfer market. While waiting to see the last great coup, Higuain, along with Dani Alves and Pjaca, for the first time, Allegri had the chance...
wyscout portieri e allenatori

Features for goalkeeper coaches in the new Wyscout 5

It is something more than an intuitive software and than a simple to use tool available to technical staff. The Wyscout platform is a loyal co-worker...
gabriel jesus

Gabriel Jesus: Flexibility, technique and great finishing on goal

Born on 3 April 1997, Gabriel Jesus already has astonishing numbers. 54 goals in 48 matches in 2013 and...
italia conte-ventura

New Italy coach Giampiero Ventura: strategy and formation of the team

Although they particularly stress a clean ball coming from the defence, Conte and Ventura's teams do not play...
iceland england

Reviewing a game: Was England vs Iceland as bad as people said?

Three weeks have passed now since Iceland beat England in Nice. But was it really as bad a performance as...
ante coric

Ante Ćorić: Ball control, through passes and dribbling

At eleven years of age Ante Ćorić tried out for Chelsea and Bayern Munich...


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