Last name        Mihajlović
First name        Nemanja
Date of birth        19/01/1996
Country of birth     Serbia
Passport Country         Serbia

Nemanja Mihajlović (born in Niš on 19 January 1996) is a Serbian footballer, a midfielder for Partizan Belgrade. He made his début on the Rad first team in the 2012-2013 season against Donji Srem Pećinci. He scored the first goal of his senior career against Borac Čačak. During the winter transfer window, Mihajlović was scouted by the French club AS Saint-Étienne.

In December 2015, Mihajlović signed a three-year contract with Partizan Belgrade. He made his official début for the club against OFK Belgrade. Although he is an external forward, he is used primarily on the left wing where he is skilled at coming inside to take great shots with his strong foot (goal against Madost Luciani that you can watch all day long, as well as the latest on 21 May against Vojvodina) with great power and accuracy. He even doesn’t mind dribbling up the wing to cross or through-passing on the ground for a teammate who overlaps from behind. Short (173 cm) but with excellent resistance even at a wide range, enhanced by excellent ball control.

Ten goals scored in 2016, with Rad Beograd through January and then with Partizan between league matches and the Serbian Cup. This is in addition to numerous assists, since he easily manages to dribble into tight coverage and then look up to see how the play is developing, with a good dose of control to complete interesting and productive passes. Legwork and lightning quick direction changes that do not leave time for the adversary to “read” which way the dribbling will go. He is therefore difficult to take on when he is in the penalty area, where he has excellent chances of drawing fouls (see the match against Borac Cacak in the 71st minute or with Madost Lucani in the 4th minute of the first half).

As already mentioned, he has a well-balanced shot, given his physical build, which he can set up quickly even in short spaces (see the goal against Jabor Ivanjica, also in the first few minutes of the match). He also uses his left foot respectably to complete crosses (against Crvena Zvezda in the 25th minute) although, when he can, he also makes long crosses with the outside of his right (assist against Radnik Surdulica in the 53rd minute).

Able to “enter” inside the pitch, turn and engage his teammates who go deep. He also manoeuvres well without the ball to get open and, as mentioned, once he is in a position to receive a pass toward the goal, nine times out of ten he attacks the adversary with speed.

Nemanja Mihajlović is player to keep your eye on to join good level European teams.