Juventus was one of the most active clubs during the summer transfer market. With Pogba, Morata and Zaza transferred out, but above all, with the signing of Benatia, Dani Alves, Pjanic, Pjaca and Higuain, they turned up at the opening day of the new Serie A with a new tactical setup. This is a line-up to keep an eye on in view of the European tournaments as well.


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One of the main novelties in the new Juventus is the axis made up of Dani Alves and Dybala. The Brazilian, given the absence of Pjanic in the first two official matches of the season, played the role of the team’s decentralized playmaker.

He managed to rack up no less than 102 touches during the début against Fiorentina, more than any other player on the pitch for the opening day of Serie A. Besides that, the fact that he is already working in harmony with Dybala is impressive. In the first two matches, the Argentinian received the most passes from the Brazilian and vice versa (33 passes from Dybala to Dani Alves, 37 from Dani Alves to Dybala).


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Sami Khedira‘s centrality is certainly nothing new for Juventus. But Pogba’s exit seems to give the German greater freedom, who is now the privileged channel in the Juventus midfield in terms of insertion between the lines and aggression toward the opposing goal.

Two goals in the first two matches of the season, but above all, 4 goals and an assist in the last 6 Serie A matches for him. His decisive marking at Rome is exemplary. Dybala moves back to midfield, Khedira moves into the front line and sprints toward the Lazio goal like Higuain.


Coaching World  Dybala-1030x561As is the case with Khedira, Pogba’s absence frees up space for the Argentinian as well. He can now move around between the lines more freely. Choosing to act as an attacker or midfielder depending on the situations. All of this contributes significantly to the offensive unpredictability of the new Juventus.


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The first two official matches coincided with the presence of Mario Lemina as playmaker in front of the defence. A decent job in the filtering phase, but still not quite up to par as a playmaker.

However, Allegri has tested Pjanic extensively in the position that was previously filled by Pirlo. And this, along with the gradual insertion of Higuain, constitutes the real test bench where the ambitions of the future Juventus can be measured. If a wider range of offensive alternatives is associated with the usual defensive solidity, Juventus fans will be in for a lot of fun.

Mattia Fontana
Mattia Fontana, Eurosport Italia editor.