Gonzalo Higuain is integrating into Massimiliano Allegri’s system and Juventus is learning to take advantage of his intuition and his magnificent goal scoring skills. The second of the two goals scored in the match against Sassuolo is a perfect example of this.

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Chiellini reacquired the ball after the keeper, Consigli, put it back into play. At that point, Pjanic began an inside-outside movement behind the opposing right fullback. The lateral movement of the Bosnian midfielder freed up the central area to allow Higuain to receive the ball.

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Higuain received the ball with his back to the goal. Pjanic, who attracted one of the two centre fullbacks with his movement, then changed direction and challenged the opponent in a foot race across the open pitch.

Dybala and Lichtsteiner tried to exploit a one-on-one situation with their respective adversaries, moving forward.

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The Sassuolo defenders chose to protect the centre of the pitch. This way they freed up the passing line to Lichtsteiner.

Higuain consequently chose to pass to the Swiss full-back on the fly. Lichtsteiner then had an initial, failed opportunity to cross. The ball was quickly reacquired and passed back to Lichtsteiner for a second chance.

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During the entire time the play was developing, Higuain never entered the penalty area and none of the Sassuolo defenders decided to mark him. If he had gone into the 18-yard box, he would most likely have been intercepted and marked by an opponent.

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Lichtsteiner second cross was also cleared. The Sassuolo defenders had their eyes on the ball, hanging in the air over the penalty area, when Higuain entered the 18-yard box. Entirely unmarked, he was able to strike on the fly converting Khedira’s header assist.

Alfredo Giacobbe

was born in Naples where he lives and works as an engineer. He is an author for l’Ultimo Uomo.