Born on 3 April 1997, Gabriel Jesus already has astonishing numbers. 54 goals in 48 matches in 2013 and 37 in 22 in 2014 at a youth level (Paulista Under 17 league). In 2015, the first season he played at Palmeiras, he scored 7 goals in 37 matches. And, above all, 15 goals in 18 games for the current season. A brilliant season between Brasilerao and Copa Libertadores, the reason several of the big European teams have taken an interest in the Verdao forward.

From Bayern Munich to Inter, as well as Real Madrid and Barcelona. Everyone wants the new Brazilian phenomenon. Let’s try to understand why with the help of Wyscout.

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Gabriel Jesus began as a forward left wing, but he has already proven to be very flexible. He can also play on the right side as a supporting striker. And more recently – in his exploding period – he has demonstrated extraordinary performance as striker. In fact, technique, quality assists and excellent defensive behaviour are associated with good aerial abilities and great finishing skills.

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The news that could be a career changer for Gabriel Jesus can be attributed to coach Cuca, who moved him into the striker position. Progress was quick and excellent, as this true centre forward style goal demonstrates. Able to get open under double coverage and strike with a powerful right from the opposite side of the goal.

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High quality but also exploitation of the speed of a true striker. Many of Gabriel Jesus’ latest goals were the result of situations similar to the one in question. The team advances with short passes, taking the ball between the penalty mark and the goal. And he precedes them all for a shot on goal.

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His right foot is his favourite, but Gabriel Jesus also has a brilliant left. This goal demonstrates it, stemming from a transition that the striker himself began. He cuts to the inside of the pitch, sprints along the offside line and strikes with a powerful and angled left.

Proof of his extraordinary flexibility, one of the most interesting statistics for the European clubs. He does not know how to do just one thing. He knows how to do many, and he does them well.

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Why could he excel in Europe? Because he knows how to do many things, including headers, with a jump that generously compensates for the fact that he is only a metre 75 tall. The goal in question proves this. He starts in counter-time and precedes everyone with the header. A bit like Romário many years ago.