The latest Wyscout Forum, held at Stamford Bridge on November 7-8, 2017 will be remembered as the record-breaking edition.

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Stamford Bridge was for 2 days the heart of transfer negotiations and global networking.

Manchester City, Juventus, Arsenal, Santos, Roma, Liverpool and Galatasaray were just a few of the clubs that attended the 16th edition of the Wyscout Forum.

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Numbers show the huge success of the event.

Stamford Bridge hosted 405 agents and more than 3000 meetings, pre scheduled with theWyscout Forum agenda tool, took place during the 2 intensive days.

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273 clubs representatives and 8 federation members¬†from all over the world have¬†taken part in the Forum, 48 international¬† journalists¬† reported¬†live from Chelsea’s home.

Last but not least, the classic and delightful moment at the end of Day 1: beer-time.

Beer, football and networking: what else? This is #WyscoutForum17 ‚öĹÔłŹ

Posted by Wyscout on Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Wyscout CEO Matteo Campodonico opened the 2 days with a speech about the Platform and its Products, such as Rankings and Talent Center. Watch it now, here (and follow Wyscout on Facebook).

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Wyscout Forum¬†was attended by 2 guests of honor like former France‚Äôs National Team coach and current President of the French Coaches Association (UNECATEF) Raymond Domenech and former Benfica‘s striker Nuno Gomes.

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“I had already¬†been at Wyscout Forum in Turin and it was very interesting“, said Domenech.

“I think Wyscout Forum is a¬†useful event for professionals working in football to find out about¬†new techniques, to create new contacts and, most of all, to have a vision about how football is built with these new techniques”, Domenech continued.

“I represent French coaches, so it‚Äôs necessary to compare¬†skills and¬†methods between professionals: Wyscout Forum is helping me to do that“.

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“Wyscout Forum is a very important event for clubs and players agencies”, Nuno Gomes said.

“It’s useful for¬†young agents, that still need to build their network, and for more experienced agents to start new business. Here agents¬†can prepare for transfer market winter session”.

“Football needs an event like Wyscout Forum”.

And now enjoy a little tour of #WyscoutForum17: