Features for goalkeeper coaches in the new Wyscout 5

Author: Francesco Farioli

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It is something more than an intuitive software and than a simple to use tool available to technical staff. The Wyscout platform is a loyal co-worker, ready to provide answers to the most peculiar curiosities in preparation for the match (individual and collective) and in post-match analysis.

Tons of information that must be encoded and metabolised by the coach and then filtered down to the player. Let’s try to catalogue five fundamental points on how a goalkeeper coach can use Wyscout:

1 ) The opportunity to access recent matches (available just hours after the match – post-match analysis) and matches that are far removed in time (information bank for scouting, tactical comparisons, individuality studies).

2 ) Creating clips directly from the video without having to download the match, using the REC key or the Tagging area. Easy, quick and personal.

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3 ) All the matches in the major professional leagues tagged and categorised in order to streamline the search and resolve even last minute doubts and curiosities. (How does he kick penalty kicks? Key passes? Does he shoot from outside the area? Where does he receive the ball? Etc. Etc.)

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4 ) Access to Team Reports and individual statistics. All the answers are not in the numbers, but there are certainly a lot of interesting questions.

That is why knowing the numbers and having a method for interpreting them becomes a key tool, to prepare for a match and organise a week of training. Wyscout offers highly accurate numbers and graphic illustrations.

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5 ) Creation of a highly personalised database with personally created clips that you can take with you anywhere and anytime. All you need is Internet access and a computer and you are all set. All the wonder of the game of football just a click away.

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Francesco Farioli
Aspire Academy (Qatar Football Association), Senior Goalkeeper Coach, Video Match & Performance Analysis.