Jonny Evans’ excellent performance vs Chelsea yet again solidified why he’s one of the finest defenders in the English Premier League.

Despite West Bromwich Albion succumbing to a late goal from Michy Batshuayi to lose 1-0, a result that secured the title for the Blues, Evans’ defensive output was of the highest order.

At the forefront of his display was his vast football intelligence, which he put to good use, in order to position himself astutely to deal with Chelsea’s multifaceted, interchangeable frontline.

From his left sided central defensive post, the Northern Ireland international displayed tremendous concentration to make quick, suitable decision to deal with the many challenging situations he was confronted with.

Using the Wyscout Playlist and Draw App, below are some examples of how Evans managed to nullify Chelsea in his designated area of operation.

With Chelsea’s offensive trident often interchanging positions, Evans remained awake in these instances. Below you can see Eden Hazard has briefly switched to the centre forward position, but Evans is well aware of this and how best to deal with Hazard. So he duly marks him tightly and doesn’t allow him any space to turn and use his devastating dribbling ability.

The Match Analyst  evans01

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Moreover, by performing regularly head checks of his blindside, Evans always gave himself an excellent idea of his surroundings. This served the former Manchester United stopper well throughout, especially when Pedro would drift into the right half space and look to make runs in behind.

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In addition, his fantastic reading of the game also enabled him to recognise early when his central defensive partner, Gareth McAuley, would follow Diego Costa deep, where he’d rapidly shift across and cover the vacated space.

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To further amplify his supreme output, he recorded a notable two interceptions, six clearances and three blocked shots.

Although he often doesn’t get as much credit as he deserves, Evans once again showed why he’s one of the most exceptional defenders in not just England, but in the whole of Europe.

Edward Stratmann

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