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Defence in situations of (apparent) inferiority: 

2 v 1+ GK

Author: Francesco Farioli

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The complex approach to the game of football forces us to face a series of questions and priorities. Collective tactic and Individual tactic or Individual tactic and Collective tactic? 
Which order? Which priority? 
When the order of the items is changed, the result – in this case – changes, and not by a little.

A classic example took place in the Champions League final. 
What would have happened if the player had followed the instinct of being drawn in by the ball to try and close off Benzema’s shot on goal?

Gk  foto-2

Quite probably Ronaldo would have been able to receive an easy pass and have an even easier finishing situation.

Gk  foto-1

The individual choice of the Atletico Madrid centre back, on the other hand, was to hold his line, isolating the diagonal 1-on-1 between Benzema and Oblak, taking on the responsibility of cancelling out Ronaldo’s movement and then, in a second phase, if Benzema had slowed his manoeuvre, there would have been time to cover the goal in the far post area.

Gk  foto-3
Gk  foto-4
Gk  foto-5
Gk  foto-6
Gk  foto-7

As already mentioned, this defensive situation reminds us of the importance of individual choices, and therefore individual thinking, but inserted in a collective setting where, trusting the teammate, each individual responsibility corresponds to a collective purpose.

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Francesco Farioli
Aspire Academy (Qatar Football Association), Senior Goalkeeper Coach, Video Match & Performance Analysis.