Dani Alves, once again, proved to be decisive in the most important moment.
After the double semi-final against Monaco where he stood out for his active contribution to all four Juventus goals, he also made the difference in Coppa Italia.
It was a match in which he made his mark with the opening goal, but also with a performance bordering on perfection.
It is not by chance that we are talking about a player capable of winning 32 titles in his career and no less than 25 finals out of the 30 in which he has participated.

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The position that is highlighting Dani Alves’ skills in this season finale is a mixture of the fullback position that he has played in the past and that of a wing.
Barzagli covers his back in the defensive phase, often spreading out onto the right wing. Whereas Dybala becomes the perfect finisher for his short passes in the final 30 metres.

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Ball Possession Recovery (Left), Ball Possession Loss (Right)
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Crosses (Left), Through Passes (Right)
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Attacking Duels, Goal
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The Coppa Italia final was Dani Alves’ masterpiece.
He was the third-ranked player in the match for ball recoveries (5), second for Juventus behind Barzagli and Alex Sandro (6). But at the same time, he was also the second-ranked player in losing the least number of balls (only 2) behind Lemina (who only played 12’ though).
He was second for Juventus in crosses made (2, both in the final third of the pitch), but also second for killer passes (2).
The place where all of his quality dominates is in duels, both offensive and defensive. In both the former and the latter, he was the best for Juventus.
The confrontation with his direct rival, Lulic, was even mocking.

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Dani Alves’ quality becomes explosive when it is combined with Dybala’s, a player with whom he can connect as he did with Messi in his time with Barcelona.
It is not by chance that this is the passing passing combination that Juventus exploits the most. The Brazilian has passed the ball to the Argentinian 13 times, whereas Dybala has served him 14 times.
In total: 45 touches, 42 attempted passes and 93% completed.
One successful long forward pass (and only one attempted), one successful killer pass, two correct passes in the penalty area out of two attempted, two crosses out of two successful, one goal resulting from the only shot on goal.

Mattia Fontana
Eurosport Italia editor.