How to create space into the opposite half of the pitch

A vital behaviour in players that occupy areas between backlines and that appear in spaces on the wings is without doubt, playing with the “blind” side of players that come out to apply pressure on the player in possession of the ball. Besiktas managed to apply this principle at some points during the game.

Match analysis: Atlético Madrid vs Bayern Munich 1-0

Due to various reasons there are teams that rebuild their squads. In some cases they decide to change or rebuild because the performance that they have obtained has been below the created expectations.

Match analysis: Paris SG vs Manchester City

PSG and Man City are two teams that want to be European champions due to all of the investment they have made in recent years. Players with tremendous potential and different playing philosophies. Both committed errors but they were capable of being resilient.

Manchester City vs Manchester United - Rashford opens the race for the top four

Since Guardiola was announced, of 11 matches Manchester City has won only 3. This Premier League derby did not have a clear leader in terms of quantity/quality. The similar average position of both blocks of the teams only changed a little when in the 2nd half Manchester United defended the result on their own half.

Bayern Munich vs Juventus ball possession as a culture win as a state of mind

As a fan you might potentially think that Bayern Munich vs Juventus was a game where the result couldn’t have been predicted. But as a coach one would have, because using different styles and different way of thinking always give the chance to go beyond.

Arsenal vs Barcelona: Different game strategies to prepare the 2nd leg battle

The 1st leg of this game had a different approach in terms of strategy on both sides. The quantitative data available on the match report from Wyscout says that in the 1st half of the game Arsenal held its average position (block) at 46.22 m and in the 2nd half at 51.45 m