Reviewing a game: Was England vs Iceland as bad as people said?

Three weeks have passed now since Iceland beat England in Nice. But was it really as bad a performance as...

Set pieces as determining factors to create scoring opportunities: Euro 2016 by numbers

Of the 108 goals scored (an average of 2.12 per match), 28 stemmed from...

The play that decided Euro 2016 final

Éder goal seems to be the result of individual achievement, but in all reality, it actively involves a fair number of players on both teams.

Portuguese tactical resilience

Fernando Santos managed to fit his best players into the right positions in a balanced and sustained manner, even though there had been tactical indecisions and changes within the team.

Euro 2016 final: Where it went wrong for France?

The final of the European Championships was, it is fair to say, no classic. But it could have been even worse. It should have been even worse.

Wales tactical analysis: Highs and lows of the team

It cannot be said that Wales does not have a certain taste for history. In 1958, the last time they participated in a large international competition until Euro 2016, a goal by Pelè...

Germany offensive strategy: Line-up and pressing

Germany had qualified for Euro 2016 as the first team in Group D, but only the Czech Republic – of the winning formations in a group – had conceded more goals (14 compared with 9).

Conte's great tactical performance behind Italy's win over Spain

It seems strange now to recall Antonio Conte's gloomy forecasts for his nation this summer. Far from a lone voice, the Italy boss....

Russia's exit from Euro 2016: Analysis of game plan and goals in the group stage matches

They were placed in the complicated "B" group with teams like England, Wales and Slovakia. But there is no doubt that Russia's performance at Euro 2016 was disappointing.

Wales midfielder Aaron Ramsey: Solidity and tactical balance

If the man of the hour for Wales' miracle is Gareth Bale, Aaron Ramsey is playing a role that is just as fundamental.

Portugal team tactical identity at Euro 2016

In Portugal's first two games their opponents' pragmatism (Iceland and Austria) enabled the coach Fernando Santos to see they must have greater judgement in the offensive third.

Spain team analysis: Tactics, formation and weaknesses vs Czech Republic

Spain’s start at European championship was brilliant (13 matches undefeated), but the 1-0 against Czech Republic confirmed a few difficulties in the scoring phase for La Roja.

Match analysis: Belgium vs Italy

So much for the theory that Italy were heading for yet another early tournament exit. Having been knocked out in the group stages of the last two World Cups, the chances are that this will be an altogether more pleasant summer for Italy. Manager Antonio Conte takes tactical preparation very seriously.

Belgium weak points without Kompany and Lombaerts

Belgium is one of the most awaited teams at Euro 2016. And yet, a problem that cannot be ignored came up for coach Wilmots just a few months from the French tournament: the injuries of Kompany and Lombaerts, the starting centre players. Wilmots' idea was to come to Euro 2016 with a four-man defence with Vertonghen and Alderweireld as backs, as has been the case in recent years.

Germany’s strategy without Philipp Lahm

For the first time since the 2002 World Cup, Germany will play in an international tournament without Philipp Lahm. The German national team lost not only its captain, but also a tactically fundamental player who left no heirs. After all, can a back be replaced who, according to Pep Guardiola, has the same football intelligence as Iniesta?

Analysis of euro 2016 teams: Ukraine

When you’re this close to the start of a major international tournament, most avenues have already been explored. We know the favourites: France; Spain and Germany. We know the nations that have it within them to win, but probably won’t: Belgium; Italy and England. We know the dark horses: Austria; Croatia and Poland. We even know the minnows: Albania; Hungary and Northern Ireland. But what about the middle ground? What about the teams with just a puncher’s chance of glory? What about Ukraine?

England’s 3 moves to defend from a corner kick

Great international events have always been a time of growth and innovation. At the threshold of this Euro 2016 competition, it would have been difficult to hypothesise any significant changes because, without even realising it, we have gone through a change of an era over the last two years, coinciding with the last World Cup. Germany was the country able to absorb the Spanish influence and transform it into a football style with vertical possession, sprinting and aggressiveness.

France offensive strategy at Euro 2016

The 2015/2016 season was Karim Benzema's best since he has been with Real Madrid. He scored a goal every 83 minutes in la Liga, in addition to the 4 on the path toward La Undecima. Under normal circumstances, after a year like that, Benzema would no doubt have been the star of the home Euro 2016 for the favoured French team.

Analysis of Euro 2016 teams: Italy

Claudio Marchisio's injury and the decision not to call up Andrea Pirlo triggered a bit of debate on Antonio Conte's choices in view of Euro 2016. Also considering the fact that Marco Verratti is out, Italy has without a doubt lost three very high quality elements in the midfield.

Analysis of Euro 2016 teams: Slovakia

It has been assumed in some quarters that England have an easy first round group in France. Russia are old, so the argument goes, Wales are too reliant on Gareth Bale and Slovakia are…well…Slovakia.

Analysis of Euro 2016 teams: Romania

Romania’s strengths are obvious to anyone who has taken a glance at their qualifying campaign. They finished their group unbeaten, having conceded only two goals in ten games. And when you watch them, it doesn’t take long to see why.

Analysis of Euro 2016 teams: Albania

Of all the teams heading to France for the European Championships, Albania have surely the most fascinating back story. They’ve never qualified for a major tournament before. They’ve only ever qualified for two youth tournaments before.