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Ante Ćorić: Ball control, through passes and dribbling

Author: Claudio Onofri

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Last name          Ćorić
First name          Ante
Date of birth       14/04/1997
Country of birth    Croatia
Passport Country   Croatia

His time has come!!!

At eleven years of age Ante Ćorić tried out for Chelsea and Bayern Munich and both teams would have been happy to have him in their youth line up, but he surprised everyone by deciding to transfer to Red Bull Salzburg. Now Napoli, Fiorentina, Milan, Liverpool and other European superpowers seem to be taking an interest.

Ante Ćorić – born in 1997 – plays for Zagreb Dynamo and Croatian National team. He is a player who is still developing, and he could not be otherwise, considering his very young age. For now he is used mainly as a attacking midfielder or external attack, but his technical qualities could become extremely useful even a few metres further back on the pitch. Following in the footsteps of Andrea Pirlo, who began as a forward midfielder and then…

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Wyscout Platform – ANTE ĆORIĆ Player Overview

His best quality is definitely his technique in all of its forms, complete ball control, brilliant through passes and dribbling in tight spots that simply cannot be ignored. His low centre of gravity makes him uncatchable in direction changes, which he uses to skilfully and easily beat most of his opponents. He has a clear and immediate idea of which vertical play to follow and a foot capable of implementing it with the perfect dose and timing.

Physically I do not believe he will grow much more, but for his position and characteristics, I really do not think he needs to. In terms of muscle, he can still put a bit on and then he would become devastating in one-on-one situations.

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7 goals in 52 matches played in the championship, as well as many successful assists, for an eighteen year old are already results that are decidedly in line with his future potential. He also knows when and how to use his left foot to shoot or pass. His free kicks are taken with power and accuracy, both direct and indirect. His balance and decision making skills make him stand out in the defensive phase as well in terms of direct clashes, in addition to his clean playing style, a characteristic of those players who really know how to play football.

He made his first appearance with the first team on 16 April 2014 at just seventeen and two days in a league game against RNK Spalato. In the 2014-2015 season, on the other hand, he made his UEFA Europa League début. Then, in the 2015-2016 season he made his first appearance in the UEFA Champions League group stages, playing in the remnants of two matches against Arsenal and Olympiakos.

He became the youngest scorer in the history of Europa League at the age of 17 and 157 days. In 2015, the Croatian newspaper Večernji named Ante Ćorić the best young Croatian player of the year.

We have not heard the last of this pure young talent.

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Claudio Onofri