According to Fabio Capello, he has everything it takes to become even better than Gabriel Batistuta. According to the Torino president, the €100 million release clause is almost reductive based on the value of the player. According to many, Italy has found the centre forward of the future. He is Andrea Belotti, Serie A top goalscorer, tied with Edin Dzeko at 23 goals in 27 matches. An absolute protagonist of the season, he boasts 25 goals out of a total of 30 matches played with Torino, 28 in 37 matches if we also consider the National team, on which he has become a starter.

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The striking thing about Belotti is the variety of his solutions. The 23 goals scored in league games were produced every which way possible. 9 scored with the foot he favours, his right. But 5 with his left as well. And even 9 scored on headers. No other player in the five major European leagues has produced as many goals from headers. In Serie A, the last player to achieve this number was Luca Toni in 2005/06.

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Not since the glory days of the Great Torino has the team been able to boast a striker who scored 23 goals. Considering the fact that there are still 9 matches left in the season, Belotti has everything it takes to go beyond that number. In fact, the most impressive thing is his adaptability and his ability to find the conclusion from any area of the pitch. He is still not at the level of technical purity as his hero, Shevchenko, but he has definitely inherited the ability to be a team player.

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Belotti has 3 assists this season. On a team with no other striker except for Maxi Lopez, more than anything, he is asked to be a finisher. But when necessary, he also knows how to serve up his teammates, sending them to the goal. This is a technical aspect and a tactic that could make the difference if he were to move over to a big team.

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In the goal scored during the most recent league match against Udinese, we can see the Belotti that has grown and developed over this past season. At the beginning of the play, he is in position outside of the penalty area, with no less than 5 teammates between him and the goal. Despite this, he manages to pass the ball to the right, darting into the penalty area and scoring a very important goal on a header. The symbol of the modern centre forward.

Mattia Fontana
Eurosport Italia editor.