In this intense start to the summer transfer market, Milan has signed the second most expensive player in its history. The signing of André Silva, a striker born in 1995, acquired for €38 million including the bonuses paid to Porto.
A significant amount, especially if you consider that we are talking about a player who was moved up to first team just a year and a half ago, a period during which he played in a total of 58 matches, scoring 24 goals and earning a spot on the Portuguese national team, where he scored 7 goals in the first 9 matches. What type of player are we talking about?

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When we talk about André Silva, it is clear that we are talking about a forward attacker. A player who created 181 scoring opportunities in the penalty area and just 21 outside that area.
The fact that 20.4% of the opportunities created in the penalty area were converted into goals and the 53.6% were converted into shots on goal is interesting.
As for Vincenzo Montella on the other hand, his use of a 4-3-3 formation 42.6% of the time is important, the Milan manager’s favourite line-up.

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André Silva ‘s goals arrive almost exclusively inside the penalty area, partly due to the fact that he is an excellent penalty shooter.
None of this would be possible if the Portuguese player were not significantly flexible and quick in terms of execution.
The new Milan attacker has already shown that he can shoot with his left or right foot indifferently, but he can also hit headers.
This is a variety of solutions that could restore to the rossoneri a striker skilled at concluding the vast amount of gameplay developed.

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The most interesting note in tactical terms, however, has to do with his recent performance on the Portuguese national team where he has played in a two-man forward situation alongside Cristiano Ronaldo.
This has allowed him to showcase his noteworthy ball recovery skills, as well as his excellent spirit of teamwork.
These are essential qualities for Montella’s type of play, characteristics that could allow Milan to begin the search for another striker in order to make the rossonero offence even more dangerous.