Carlo Ancelotti appeared at the presentation press conference before the reporters and his new fans, stating:

“I will not drastically change Bayern Munich’s game play. I want to continue following up the strategy used by my predecessor Guardiola, who did an extraordinary job.”

Début in Bundesliga and promptly, after just 7:30, there was the first goal, stemming from one of Guardiola’s fundamental game play principles: slowly advancing the ball and strengthening possession.
Just a few days ago in another press conference, Guardiola reminded everyone that ball possession is not an end in itself.
“My teams maintain possession because I want the ball and, above all, I want to reacquire it quickly. The passing network allows us to push the opposing team onto their half of the pitch so that we can be aggressive straight away.”

And so in this pre-season, true to his word and the desire to enhance the characteristics of his players, Ancelotti set up a playing style that does not deviate much from Guardiola’s. The play begins from a throw-in and it develops from right to left, drawing a large number of opponents into the ball area.

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With a quick three-man play, Vidal and his teammates manage to break the pressure and return quickly to the central area, Javi Martinez has space ahead of him and can move the ball forward, challenging the opposing midfielder.

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The play goes back to developing on the right hand side, before returning to the centre and then back to the right.

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This frees Lahm up to make the cross, but more than anything, this constant manoeuvre of attraction to try and free up the weak side, compacted all of Werder Brema into their own penalty area, freeing up space at the edge of the area, where Xabi Alonso and his teammates are ready to win second balls and cleared balls.

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Once the cross is made, the Werder centre back clears the ball precisely in the area covered by Alonso, who had set up in a crucial area of the pitch preventively.

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The control and the shot are champion quality, but as always, the guiding hand and organization of two great coaches like Guardiola first and now Ancelotti, prove to be a determining factor in enhancing great individual qualities.
Under the banner of consistency.