At nineteen years of age, Amine Harit’s playing style does not hinge on dribbling, although he has excellent leg work and top shelf technique at high speed. His coach at Nantes, René Girard, does not consider him a young player to adapt little by little, but rather a footballer capable of covering all the positions in the midfield, reliable enough to be the fifth player on the team to have the most playing time as a starter in Ligue 1 (the first 4 always played).

Harit showed his stuff in the European U19 championship that France won this summer, superior to his peers in practically every aspect. In these first 9 Ligue 1 matches, his first season playing with the “adults”, he is demonstrating versatility and maturity.

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He has played as an offensive midfielder,  number 8 and winger on a 4-man midfield, playing each position with all around mobility. As a central midfielder, he is more restricted for defensive reasons, but he can exploit his full playmaking potential and can lead team transitions with uncommonly skilled right foot  (he is only 1.79 m tall but he has long limbs and a very light structure).

As a a number 8, he moves up between the lines and seeks out the exact half-space where he can receive the ball and turn. As an offensive midfielder, he does not always make the best decisions, but he also struggles because of the lack of dribbling space. As a left or right winger, he moves to the centre until even relating with the fullback on the opposite side. And he often manages to turn and move vertically, even with a man on his back and the side-line on his right.

On the other hand, Harit needs to work on finishing to improve accuracy. According to Wyscout data, he shoots 1.6 times every 90’ with only 25.9% of the shots on target and he still has 0 goals out of his 17 shots (including 8 from inside the box).

It is still early to say, but Nantes may have produced a midfielder worthy of a tradition that has seen players such as Desailly, Deshcamps, Karembeau, Makélélé Toulalan and Payet wearing the yellow jersey.

Daniele Manusia
Was born in Rome where he currently lives and works. He’s the co-founder and editor-in-chief of l’Ultimo Uomo