Diego Costa Statistics: tactical eclecticism and shot accuracy

One of the secrets of Antonio Conte's Chelsea that took the lead in Premier League with a series of incredible, conclusive wins, is the polish that Diego Costa rediscovered ...

Viktor Tsygankov: a young talent

The wings of the old days are no more, the ones that dribbled and always created numerical superiority. Anyone who agrees with this statement has never seen Viktor Tsygankov at work. The Dinamo Kiev nineteen year-old has already shown his skills in this part of the season and in Champions League on the team coached by Serhij Rebrov..

MLS Cup Final Recap: Technique and tactics behind the game

Technique, as the ninth commandment of Cruyff says, is the base. It is a simple concept in appearance only ...

Goalkeeper training tips: Build-up And Attacking With a Focus On Width

Goalkeepers needs to have a clear vision of the players at their disposal to create building-up play situations. It is paramount to take note of the characteristics inherent to the players that shall translate the keeper idea for starting the building-up play supported from behind onto the pitch.